“Even if we have convincing data about emotions in especially education and health care industry, we don’t know what emotions mean and how they affect in work-related learning and professional development.”


The purpose of this research project (REAL) is to examine the role and the meaning of emotions in professional learning and constructing professional agency.

Here learning means practice-based and professional learning, which influences one’s actions and at the same time one’s professional identity and tasks in work. Emotions are closely related to learning processes and if we don’t understand them, we can’t develop them in employees’ workplace learning.

Our goal in REAL is to develop a user-friendly mobile application, which allows users to keep a record of emotions in a workplace. This information about emotions can be used in developing and supporting teaching and learning in different workplaces.

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A photo by Alejandro Escamilla. unsplash.com/photos/Dl6jeyfihLk

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updated 7th of January 2020