Some weeks ago we had an exciting day when M. Sc. Psyc. Jarkko Rantanen delighted us by visiting in Ruusupuisto. Jarkko is a trainer who helps to develop emotion skills in workplaces, and a partner and advisor in Emergy. He is also an inspiring writer and a speaker (look at Jarkko’s TedTalk).

Jarkko’s books about emotions at work interested us a lot, so we wanted to find out if there’s any chances to collaborate with him…


… And there definitely is. We spent an interesting and inspiring meeting by discussing and sharing insights, thoughts and findings the topic being – surprisingly – emotions at work and emotion research.

We noticed that we share the passion to integrate research and practice to make emotions more visible topic in working life, and that creating emotionally supportive workplace is an important development area.

Research already shows that emotions play a role for example in well-being, motivation, identity crafting, decision making, and co-operation. To fulfill the passion in the future, we decided to go on with creating ways to measure emotional climate in organizations and teams.


First steps towards the co-operation have been taken and now we continue working to find out what we can do together for a better work-life.

Stay tuned to read more!

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